Louth Wetland Identification Survey 2011

Foss, P.J., Crushell, P., Wilson, F. & O'Loughlin, B. (2011). Louth Wetland Identification Survey 2011.аReport prepared by Wetland Surveys Ireland for Louth County Council & The Heritage Council.а

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The project involved undertaking a field survey of 108 potential freshwater wetlands in County Louth, to identify the specific wetland and ecological interest (if any), and to report on threats and damaging activities. These sites had previously been identified in the Potential Wetland Map GIS dataset prepared in 2009, although detailed environmental information was lacking for most of the sites. The sites selected were believed to contain a range of freshwater wetlands. This report presents the results of the 2011 field survey and includes detailed site descriptions and habitat maps for the wetlands. This list of sites does not, however, represent a full inventory of freshwater wetlands in Louth and recommendations are made for the achievement of such a comprehensive inventory.

1.ааа The aim of the Louth Wetland Identification Survey 2011 (LWS) was to undertake a field survey of 108 potential wetland sites identified as part of the previous Potential Wetland Map GIS dataset prepared in 2009 (Brophy 2009) for which little or no habitat or ecological information was available.а

2.ааа The 108 potential wetland sites selected for survey are listed in Appendix 1. The total area covered by the sites surveyed in 2011 was 966 ha (based on the extent of the original site polygons).а

3.ааа Wetland habitats on sites surveyed were classified and mapped according to the Guide to Habitats published by The Heritage Council (Fossitt 2000). Non-wetland habitats both within the wetland site boundary and those occurring outside were also recorded.а

4.ааа The Louth Wetland Identification study, 2011, focused on determiningа whether the following 35 freshwater and brackish water wetland types (18 of which are listed in Annex 1 of the EU Habitats Directive, with a further nine listed as priority habitats) exist on the 108 target sites in county Louth.а

5.ааа Threats and damage to the surveyed sites were recorded and an estimate of the severity of damage was made.

6.ааа The information collected from the 2011 survey was used to populate the Louth Wetland Identification Survey 2011 (LWS) GIS dataset and the Louth Wetland Identification Survey database, in which individual site records were created for each of the sites surveyed.а

7.ааа Habitat maps were prepared for a total of 108 sites which were surveyed and found to contain wetland habitats.а

8.ааа During the course of the survey, and as part of the background research on sites, additional sites not listed in the original Potential Wetland Map GIS dataset (Brophy 2009) were noted. These sites are not included within the Louth Wetland Map GIS data produced from this survey. These sites will require future survey to determine their wetland interest.а

For further information on the project please contact Brendan McSherry, Heritage Officer, Louth County Council, Dundalk.а

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