Monaghan Fen Survey II

Foss, P.J. & Crushell, P. (2008) Monaghan Fen Survey II. Volumes 1-3. Report for Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Ireland & Monaghan County Council.

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The Monaghan Fen Survey II of fens in county Monaghan was commissioned by Monaghan County Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The survey was an Action of the Monaghan Heritage Plan 2006-2010.а

There were two principal reasons for undertaking the survey in 2008, namely to devise a fen survey methodology which could be applied to a National Fen Survey of the entire country, to be undertaken by the NPWS, and the second was to obtain data on existing and newly proposed fen sites reported in 2006 in County Monaghan to the NPWS Fen Study Project (Foss 2007).аThe main results to emerge from the sites surveyed in detail as part of the Monaghan Fen Survey II of 2008 are as follows:а

  • Of the 34 sites surveyed, 10 were found to contain fen communities, the remainder contained other wetland habitats including marsh, reed swamp and wet woodland;
  • The total area of fen recorded on sites during the MFS II was 26.7 ha;
  • Transition Mire 7140 (PF3) is the most frequently occurring fen habitat type recorded during the MFS II, with a total fen habitat area of 25 ha occurring on 9 different sites;
  • Three main fen types were recognised during the MFS II, namely Poor fen PF2 (1.7 ha), Transition Mire 7140 PF3 (25 ha), and Cladium fen 7210 PF1 (0.1 ha);
  • Of the 34 sites surveyed, 17 are of National Conservation Value (NHA quality); 11 are of County Conservation Value; with the remaining 6 being of Local Biodiversity Value (Moderate local value);
  • Future conservation of these sites will require appropriate designation, listing and planning control by the NPWS and Monaghan County Council;
  • Three of the sites surveyed cross the international border with Northern Ireland. Two sites in Monaghan occur close by recognised conservation areas in Northern Ireland. Discrepancies in conservation designations occur at each of these sites which may hinder the long term conservation of these areas. These issues should be addressed by National Parks and Wildlife Service (ROI) and the Environment and Heritage Service (NI);
  • All of the fens surveyed during the MFS II were found to have been negatively affected by some degree of damage or modification from their natural state. The most significant damage observed was from drainage of wetlands, possible water pollution and infilling associated with land reclamatation. These issues will need to be addressed to prevent further degradation and subsequent loss of habitat and conservation value.

TheаMonaghan Fen Surveyа2 report can be obtained by contacting the Heritage Officer, Monaghan County Council.а

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