Habitat Mapping Workshop with Wetland Surveys Ireland

Since 2011 Wetland Surveys Ireland has developed and used a range of software packages designed to operate on the Apple iPad for ecological survey work. These have included a range of county wetland and species surveys and habitat mapping projects, as well as general field surveys. This workshop aims to; demonstrate the hardware and software applications used to undertake this ecological survey and mapping work, illustrate the advantages and limitations of the systems developed, highlight factors that need to be considered, and outline the hardware and software application requirements.а а

Further information about the CIEEM training event can be found here.

IRE Conf 2016 - programme - 10022016 FINAL

New Wetland Map for County Westmeath

As part of the joint project to map Ireland's wetlands, a preliminary mapping survey of all wetlands (both known and potential wetland sites) in County Westmeath has just been completed.а

Westmeath2015 Small

A significant number of additional potential wetlands have been discovered bringing the total of wetland sites recorded in the county to 444.а

The wetland sites mapped in Westmeath are those which have been reported in wide range of published sources, and previously unknown sites located through an aerial photographic analysis combined with sub soils data.а

Prior to this research project 113 wetland sites had been mapped within the county. This mapping project has located an additional 331 wetland sites throughout the county, bringing the total number to sites recorded to 444.аWetlands included on the map are areas of raised and blanket bog, fen, swamp, wet woodland, ponds, lakes and rivers.

The majority of the “new” sites identified have limited associated information on the wetland habitats that are likely to occur on the sites. County wetland surveys are required toаaddress this information deficit.

The Wetland Map of Ireland now displays a total of 9,311 wetland sites for Ireland.


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