International bog day 2019 - Celebrating the beauty of bogs

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International Bog Day is celebrated around the world on the fourth Sunday in July – this falls on 28th July in 2019. This annual event has been designed to celebrate the beauty of bogs and to help make people more aware of peatlands, the services they provide for free, and the threats they face.а

Bogs are not only beautiful, dramatic landscapes, full of inspiring wildlife, but also provide us with some very useful services, vital to our own survival. Their protection is necessary to avoid adverse economic and environmental impacts.а

Some key services that bogs provide are shown on the attached image (Source:

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You can learn more about some of the most important raised bogs in Ireland and where to find them in the story map created by Wetland Surveys Ireland and Foss Environmental Consulting - The Raised Bogs of Ireland.

The story map brings you on an informative tour of 53 raised bog Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and the 75 raised bog Natural Heritage Areas (NHA) where you can learn more about these fascinating peatland habitats. The story map includes and introduction to the SAC and NHA raised bog network, map location information for these raised bogs; the designated site boundary; a brief summary of the habitat and species of interest on the site; restoration work which has been undertaken on the sites under EU LIFE projects. The raised bogs which are open to the public and include information signs and a boardwalk are also highlighted.а

Included on the raised bog story map are peatlands such as Clara Bog, Girley Bog, Scohaboy Bog, Carn Park Bog, Cloonshanville Bog, all of which have visitor access, together with the other sites being conserved throughout the country.

So if you would like to learn more about Ireland’s raised bogs, all you have to do to access the story map is go to the link shown below:

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Take the County Monaghan Wetland Tour

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The new online story map forms part of the County Monaghan Heritage Series publication “Monaghan’s Wonderful Wetland” being launched today. The County Monaghan Wetland Tour is an initiative of the Heritage Office, Monaghan County Council.а

The wetland locations shown in this interactive online tour are sites in Co. Monaghan open to public that have various facilities including parking, paths, fishing stands (may require license), information signs, longer walking routes or a visitor centre.а

The story map brings you on an informative tour of 23 wetlands around Monaghan where you can learn more about these fascinating habitats. These sites have a variety of visitor facilities including parking, paths, boardwalks, exhibitions and information signs, that will help you enjoy a visit to these magical places, and learn more about wetlands and their value to people and wildlife. The map is based on a selection of wetlands shown on the Map of Irish Wetlands.а

The story map includes map location information, a brief summary of what you can discover at the sites, a summary of facilities at each location, and a link to further information, opening times and more.

To access the story map go to the link shown below:

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