Louth becomes second Irish county with complete wetland inventory

The 2014аLouth Wetland Survey III involved a field survey of the outstanding freshwater wetlands in County Louth, with the aim of identifying the specific wetlands and ecological interest of each site. а

The survey completed the 3 year project undertaken by Wetland Surveys Ireland in 2011, 2012 and 2014 to map and characterise all wetlands in the county. This makes Louth the second Irish county with a complete wetland inventory which describes the 308 wetland sites in the county.

The sites surveyed in 2014 had previously been identified as being of potential interest during the County Louth Wetland project prepared in 2012.а

The sites selected for survey were believed to contain notable wetland habitats including transition mire, cutaway bog, fen, marsh and heathland.аа

The Louth Wetland Survey III report presents the results of the 2014 field survey and includes detailed site descriptions and habitat maps for the wetlands surveyed.

The 2014 survey information has also been used to update site descriptions, habitat information and photographs on the Wetland Map of Ireland. The Wetland Map of Ireland now displays a total of 6,150 sites across the country.

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Map showing the distribution of wetland sites of international (red), national (amber), and county importance (green) wetland sites in County Louth.а аа


Status of Ireland’s Habitats and Species 2013 Report published

A major new report on the status of Ireland's habitats and species (the EU Article 17 report) in 2013 has just been published by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.а

The reports indicates that for a number of wetland habitats includingаWet heath,аHydrophilous tall herb,аRaised bog (active)*,аDegraded raised bogs,аBlanket bog (active)*,аTransition mires,аCladium fen*, and Alkaline fens the overall conservation assessment in 2013 was found the be Bad. In many cases the loss that has occurred in some of these habitats, since the last assessment round in 2007, in particular for fens, cannot be quantified as we still lack accurate data on the national extent and distribution of these important wetland habitats.а

The Article 17 reports for Ireland can be accessed on the NPWS website locatedаhere.

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