County Clare Wetland Map Updated

As part of the project to map Ireland's wetlands, a revised wetland map of County Clare has been uploaded to the on-line Wetland Map of Ireland. а

Previously the map for Clare showed only those site recognised as NHA, SAC or SPA, or those sites previously reported in reports and published literature.а

The earlier map for Clare did not display “potential” wetland sites identified during the 2008 County Clare Wetland Survey. This situation has been rectified and 430 known and possible wetland sites are now displayed on the map.а

The wetland sites mapped in Clare are those which have been reported in wide range of published sources, and previously unknown sites located through an aerial photographic analysis combined with sub soils data.а

Wetlands included on the map are areas of raised, upland and lowland blanket bog, fen, springs, swamp, wet woodland, salt marsh, lakes, rivers and coastal saltmarsh and lagoons.

The Wetland Map of Ireland now displays a total of 7,679 wetland sites for Ireland.


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