Launch of Roscommon Wetland Map

To mark World Wetlands Day (2nd of February), and as part of the joint project to map Ireland’s wetlands, undertaken by Wetland Surveys Ireland and Foss Environmental Consulting, a preliminary map of wetlands in County Roscommon has been produced.

The wetland areas shown on the map include sites that have been reported in wide range of published sources, as well as previously un-reported sites identified through an analysis of aerial photography and with reference to sub soils data and other available maps.

Roscommon 2015 Screen Sml

Prior to this research project 74 wetlands had been identified and mapped within county Roscommon. This study has located an additional 568 wetland sites throughout the county, bringing the total number of wetland areas to 642. Wetlands that are shown on the map include areas of raised and blanket bog, fen, swamp, marshes, wet woodland, turloughs, ponds, lakes, and rivers. Most of the newly identified sites have not been surveyed on the ground and therefore little is known about their possible biodiversity value. County wetland surveys are required to address this information deficit.

Wetlands are an extremely valuable resource that are protected under national and EU legislation. In addition to supporting high biodiversity their importance in flood alleviation and carbon storage is increasingly being recognised.

The Map of Irish Wetlands now displays a total of 9,881 wetland sites throughout Ireland. During 2016 the wetland county maps for Offaly, Galway, and Donegal will also be updated completing the national wetland mapping project started in 2012.

The online map can be viewed and queried at the following links:аwww.WetlandSurveysIreland.comаorа


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