Wetlands in County Dublin

As part of World Wetlands Day which this year celebrates Urban wetlands making cities liveable, the project to map Ireland's wetlands – the Map of Irish Wetlands - has published a revised Dublin city and county wetland map. The new on-line map has been uploaded and can be viewed on the Google map platform through the Wetland Surveys Ireland website. Some 67 of the wetlands shown are open to the public and have visitor access, so why not get out there and explore one of these great wetlands during World Wetlands Day

A variety of additional information, site descriptions and photographic images for the wetlands in Dublin city and county are shown on the new wetland map.а

Here are some facts about the new county Dublin Wetland Map:

  • The location of 173 wetland sites are shown in County Dublin.
  • Detailed wetland habitat surveys have been undertaken on 46 of these sites.
  • 119 of the sites include a lake or pond as the main wetland habitat present, making this the most frequent wetland habitat type to be found in County Dublin. The second most common habitat type is reedswamp which occurs on 77 sites.
  • 116 sites on the Dublin wetland map display a photograph of the wetland.
  • 136 wetland sites include a short description about the wetland interest on the site.
  • All wetland sites listed in Dublin display information on the wetland habitats that are known or likely to occur there.
  • 67 wetlands occur within parks or are accessible to the public are listed as such, while 22 other wetland sites occur in golf courses with private members access.

To explore the map and obtain further information on the Map of Irish Wetlands project during World Wetlands Day please check out this link.

During 2018 we hope to further refine and expand the information on wetlands displayed on the Map of Irish Wetlands, in County Dublin and throughout the rest of the country, and welcome information you might have on a site or a photograph for one of the wetlands shown on the map. а

The Wetland Surveys Ireland Team hope you enjoy your tour and visit to the wetland of your choice !

The online map is available to view on WetlandSurveysIreland.comаа


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