Wetland Surveys Ireland has professional experience working on a number of large scale infrastructure projects in particular overhead electricity transmission lines, water pipelines and roads.

To demonstrate our experience in this sector a selection of recent projects that we have worked on is presented below

Power lines


  • Bellacorick to Moy 110kV Overhead Line upgrade. Ecological Clerk of Works and water quality monitoring during construction phase. 2019
  • Bellacorick to Castlebar 110kV Overhead Line upgrade. Post-construction monitoring of habitat recovery. 2019
  • Preparation of Appropriate Assessment reports for Irish Water capital investments works including upgrade works to water supply plants, wastewater treatment plants and drilling of trial wells. 2018–2020
  • Baseline ecological surveys including targeted wetland surveys of parts of proposed route corridor. Dublin Water Supply Project. 2016-2019
  • Pre-construction surveys and construction phase monitoring of refurbishment works to a 110kV Overhead Line within an SPA and in proximity to SAC. Tarbert to Tralee 110kV Overhead Transmission Line. 2018
  • Preparation of Ecological Management Plans for Irish Water wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, and pumping stations throughout the Republic of Ireland. 2017
  • Targeted wetland surveys for potential Annex I habitats. Dublin Water Supply Project, Irish Water. 2018
  • Peer review of ecology work carried out on northern Ireland North South Interconnector planning application. а2016-2017
  • Targeted surveys for potential Annex I habitats within selection of potential wetland (turlough) sites. Dublin Water Supply Project, Irish Water. 2017
  • Survey along new overhead line development for possible Whooper Swan collision casualties. Weekly visits during late winter period. 2017.
  • Baseline ecological assessmentаMidlands and Dublin Water Supply Project, Irish Water.аMultidisciplinary field surveys undertaken along the route corridor. Specialist wetland surveys at selected sites.а2016
  • Wetland survey of five sites along within proposed pipeline corridor in Northern Ireland. Preparation of report to assess the conservation value of each site. 2016
  • Undertook pre-construction field surveys to highlight potential terrestrial ecological constraints on site in Cork. Reviewed proposed Construction Method Statements (Risk Assessment Management)а and monitored vegetation clearance and other works at sensitive sites. 2016-2017
  • Prepared a bird monitoring report for the development of an overhead line from Shercock, Co. Cavan to Tullynamalra, Co. Monaghan. 2015
  • Construction phase ecological monitoring of 110kV Overhead line, County Cork. 2015
  • Prepared an Appropriate Assessment Screening Report for proposed upgrade works to two medium voltage overhead lines at Callan, Co. Kilkenny. 2015
  • аPrepared an Appropriate Assessment Screening Report for a proposed overhead line development at Clashmealcon, Causeway, Co. Kerry.а2015
  • Pre-construction ecology surveys and preparation of planning condition compliance documentation for 110kV Overhead line, County Cork. 2014
  • Galway Outer Bypass: Assessment of EU Annex I wetland habitats within Lough Corrib SAC. 2014
  • Preparation of Natura Impact Statement (NIS) for proposed up-rate to 110kV overhead line, County Mayo (in association with Eleanor Mayes & Associates and the Aquatic Services Unit). 2014а
  • Preparation of Terrestrial Ecology Assessment and Appropriate Assessment Screening Report for proposed 220kV underground cable, County Kerry. 2014
  • Preparation of a Natura Impact Statement for the disposal of excavated and dredged materila originating from improvement works at North Harbour, Cape Clear, Co. Cork. 2014
  • Project ecologist on planning phase of Laois Kilkenny electrical reinforcement project. Preparation of Ecology chapter of EIS and NIS. 2010-2014
  • Survey and monitoring of Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus) populations in study area of Clashavoon to Dunmanway 110 kV project. 2010-2014
  • Irish Water: Water Services Strategic Plan Appropriate Assessment. 2014
  • Preparation of an AA and EcIA of the Kilpadogue to Knockanure 220kV underground cable route. 2014
  • Baseline ecological assessment of peatland habitats along existing 110kV overhead lines, County Mayo. 2013
  • Cape Clear Harbour Works: Preparation of NIS for Proposed Disposal of Dredge Material. 2013
  • Preparation of Natura Impact Statement (NIS) for uprating of 38 kV overhead line County Cork. 2012
  • An avifaunal assessment of the proposed location of a water ecopark at Garryhinch Bog, County Laois / Offaly. 2011-2012
  • Project ecologist on planning phase of 110 kV power line, County Cork. Preparation of Ecology chapter of Environmental Report and NIS. 2010-2012
  • North – South Interconnector: project ecologist on 400 kV overhead line (Cavan – Monaghan Study Area). 2010-2014
  • Monitoring construction impacts of 38 kV powerline on Ox Mountains Bogs SAC, County Mayo. 2011
  • Survey of designated sites along 110 kV powerline, County Clare. 2011
  • Ecological monitoring of construction works associated with 110 kv Overhead Line County Cork. 2009-2010
  • National Road Scheme – N86 Camp to Dingle - baseline ecological surveys, County Kerry. 2010
  • Ecological Impact Assessment of embankment maintenance work on Ballymacoda (cSAC), County Cork. 2007
  • Ecological impact Assessment of Casla water scheme, County Galway. 2006
  • Ecological Impact Assessment of sewage schemes, County Galway. 2006
  • Ecological Impact Assessment of embankment maintenance Work on Inchigeela River (cSAC), County Cork. 2006
  • Ecological impact Assessment of quarry sites along Ennis By-Pass. 2005
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