Ecological ImpactAssessment

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is a process by which the potential ecological impacts of a development proposal are assessed. The results of the assessment are presented either as a standalone Ecological Impact Statement or the ecology (flora and fauna) chapter of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

As part of the EcIA process it is usually necessary to undertake a combination of desktop and field based surveys in order to establish the baseline conditions of the natural environment in the vicinity of the proposed development. The scope of survey work required varies depending on the nature, scale and characteristics of the proposed development and the sensitivity of the receiving environment. Based on our expertise and knowledge of best practice Wetland Surveys Ireland can advise clients on the scope of survey work required for any individual project.

Ecologists with Wetland Surveys Ireland often work as part of a multi-disciplinary team liaising with other specialists such as engineers and hydrologists that are also involved in carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment and have prepared various Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR).

The following flowchart illustrates the steps usually involved in compiling the Ecology chapter of an EIA:

EIA Flowchart

Wetland Surveys Ireland have carried out Ecological Impact Assessments on a wide range of projects from single one off houses for private clients to larger infrastructural developments for semi-state bodies. We are usually involved throughout the design and planning stage of each development and often continue our involvement through the construction and operation phase to ensure clients are compliant with any statutory requirements relating to ecology throughout the lifetime of the project.

Wetland Surveys Ireland have undertaken Ecological Impact Assessments of developments in the following sectors:

Wind energy

Solar energy

Infrastructure (roads and electricity transmission projects)



Residential and mixed use

Further details on our recent project experience of ecological impact assessment can be seen here.

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