Aerial UAV Surveys

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), also called “eco-drones” are an emerging wildlife survey technology that has the potential to assist in ecological surveys of inaccessible and hazardous areas, habitat mapping and general sitereconnaissance.

SAM 5418

Wetland Surveys Ireland has undertaken a number of UAV eco-drone aerial surveys as part of ecological, development and monitoring projects.

Benefits and advantages of eco-drone surveys:

  • Obtain a comprehensive and accurate bird’s-eye view of development or survey area
  • Ability to survey inaccessible areas or sites where health and safety issues are present
  • Assist with habitat mapping and monitoring projects by collection of geo-referenced high-resolution photographs and video footage
  • Substantial time saving when mapping larger sites
  • Cost savings to clients

We have undertaken aerial surveys for the following sectors:

Infrastructure(roads and electricity transmission projects)


Residential and mixed use

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