The start of the Frog Spawn Season is almost here !

When adult frogs emerge from hibernation they migrate to congregate at various breeding sites, such as pond, ditches, bogs or other wetlands. They may travel up to half a mile to find a site where they congregate in large numbers. The males always arrive first and strike up a chorus of loud croaking to attract females.а


The female can lay over 2,000 black eggs. The eggs are fertilised immediately and before their gelatinous capsules absorb water, swell and rise to the surface. After spawning the female usually leaves the pond, while the male often goes on to search for another mate.

Frog spawn can be found as early as 8 January in Ireland, as reported by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council who have run the nationalаHop-to-It-Frog Survey since 1997.а

If you would like to be involved in the survey and have seen frogs or spawn, why not complete an on-line record form to IPCC at

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