Factfile 6: Marshes

MarshAnnex 1 habitat (6430) under the EU Habitats Directive.

Marsh is found on level ground near slow-flowing river banks, lake shores, and in other places where mineral or shallow peaty soils are waterlogged, and where the water table is close to ground level for most of the year.

Unlike swamps, standing water is not a characteristic feature except, perhaps, during very wet periods or in winter months. Marshes tend to be comparatively species-rich especially with herbs. It can be an ideal breeding ground for waders such as Snipe.

The main threats to this habitat include the spread of invasive species, arterial drainage and agricultural improvement at the edge of rivers and lakes.

For further information on these and other Irish wetland habitats, including the species that occur on them etc. the reader is directed toаFossitt, J. (2000)аA Guide to Habitats in Irelandаpublished byаThe Heritage Council, Ireland (You can download the Heritage Councils habitat keyаhere).

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